Saturday, June 23, 2007

The day before

We leave for the first stage of our trip -- a day in Boston, MA tomorrow about noon. When we first planned the vacation about six months ago, Alitalia offered the least expensive flights, via Milan. To get to Boston, I am using accumulated Aeroplan points. Since Air Canada and Alitalia don't co-operate and the tickets are built on a different framework, I faced a choice -- setting up same-day connections and hoping there would not be weather, mechanical or schedule changes, or building in lots of 'wiggle room' by overnighting in Boston, both ways. I opted for the two way choice.

Second decision, should I purchase trip cancellation insurance. My view on this is usually 'no' --it is way overpriced for most circumstances; we aren't going to be put into poverty if we can't make the flight, and most flight insurance plans have limitations that reduce their values. But fate intervened. A few days before we committed to the trip, I received a notice that my name had been selected for possible jury duty consideration this year. It didn't say I would be on a jury -- just that there is a possibility.

Now, the last thing any self-employed person (with a business requiring some hands-on involvement) wants is jury duty -- though I admit, now, as we get ready to leave for this four week trip, that it wouldn't be that much of a hardship for me), but the thought of having to cancel the trip because of a court order made the insurance fees seem entirely reasonable. Of course, like all insurance, the money is (fortunately) 'wasted' because we didn't need it.

Today, Eric had his last day at school -- with a resounding send-off from friends, and I prepared for some last-minute work before the Sunday departure. Politics, history, culture, the great adventure are ahead -- but right now the focus is on last minute preparations.

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